What Colors Do Dogs See?

Dichromatic Vision

Dichromatic vision is a type of color vision in which there are only two types of color receptors in the eye.


Dogs can see shades of blue and yellow, as well as some shades of gray.


Dogs see color by detecting the wavelengths of light that hit their eyes. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than yellow light, so dogs see blue as a brighter color than yellow.


Dichromatic vision does not have a significant impact on a dog's ability to function in everyday life. However, it can make it difficult for dogs to see certain colors, such as red and green.

Color Blind

Some dogs may be color blind, but this is not the same as dichromatic vision. Color blindness is a condition in which the color receptors in the eye do not work properly.

Color Vision

One way is to use a color vision test card. These cards have different colored shapes on them, and you can see how your dog reacts to them.


When choosing toys for dogs with dichromatic vision, it is important to choose toys that are brightly colored in blue or yellow. This will make the toys easier for your dog to see.

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