Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Wolfdog

What is a wolfdog?

A wolfdog is a hybrid breed of wolf and dog. They are not purebred dogs.

Wolfdogs so popular?

Wolfdogs are popular because they are often seen as being more intelligent and independent than purebred dogs.

Wolfdogs cost?

The cost of owning a wolfdog can vary depending on the breeder, the age of the wolfdog, and the location.

Wolfdogs live?

Wolfdogs typically have a lifespan of 10-13 years.

Can I adopt a wolfdog?

There are a number of organizations that rescue and adopt out wolfdogs.

How do I train a wolfdog?

Wolfdogs require special training to be successful companions.

 Risks of owning a wolfdog?

Wolfdogs can be dangerous if they are not properly trained and socialized.

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