How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Social Gatherings

Introduce your pet

Don't just let your pet loose in a room full of strangers. Introduce them to guests one at a time and let them sniff each other.

Safe space

Set up a quiet area for your pet to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed. This could be a crate, a spare room, or even just a corner with some blankets.

Keep your pet on a leash

This will give you more control over your pet and help to prevent them from getting too stressed.

Avoid petting 

This can overstimulate them and make them more anxious.

Be patient

It may take some time for your pet to get used to social gatherings. Be patient and understanding, and they will eventually learn to relax around new people.

Reward your pet

Give your pet treats or praise when they are calm and relaxed around guests. This will help them to associate social gatherings with positive experiences.


If your pet is getting overwhelmed, take them for a break in a quiet room or outside.

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