Can Cats Be Allergic to Dogs?

What is a cat allergy?

A cat allergy is an allergic reaction to a protein called Fel d 1, which is found in the cat's saliva, dander, and urine.


The symptoms of a cat allergy can include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin rash.

What are the causes

The most common cause of a cat allergy is exposure to the Fel d 1 protein. 

Cat allergy diagnosed?

A cat allergy can be diagnosed by a doctor or allergist. 

Cat allergy treated?

There is no cure for a cat allergy, but there are treatments that can help relieve the symptoms

Can cats be allergic to dogs?

Yes, cats can be allergic to dogs. The symptoms of a dog allergy in cats are similar to the symptoms of a cat allergy in humans.

How can I prevent

The best place to take an injured bird is to a wildlife rehabilitator. They will have the expertise and resources to care for the bird and help it recover. 

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