How to Help an Injured Bird

How to Help

If you find an injured bird, the first thing you should do is assess the injury.

Assessing the injury

Look for any obvious signs of injury, such as bleeding, broken bones, or missing feathers.

If the bird is bleeding

If the bird is bleeding, apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth.

Bird has broken bones

If the bird has broken bones, do not try to move it. Instead, place it in a cardboard box or other container and transport it to a wildlife rehabilitator

Bird is missing feathers

If the bird is missing feathers, gently wrap it in a towel to keep it warm.

Transporting the bird

Once you have assessed the injury, you need to transport the bird to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Where to take the bird

The best place to take an injured bird is to a wildlife rehabilitator. They will have the expertise and resources to care for the bird and help it recover.

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